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Publishers Weekly

From Publishers Weekly
Boynton has done his homework well, converting the suffering inflicted on a few dozen individuals into an eye-opening and surprisingly moving narrative.

Kirkus Reviews

From Kirkus Reviews
A thorough investigative report into the systematic abduction of Japanese citizens by the North Korean intelligence network over many decades. . . . More than anecdotal stories, [Boynton’s] work zeroes in on the deeply uneasy makeup of the Korean-Japanese relationship. Engaging reading, surreal in some of the Orwellian detail.

Library Journal

From Library Journal
The book’s narrative switches back and forth between the life stories of individual abductees and the history of Japanese-Korean relations since the 19th century, helping to place the abductions in a larger context… An excellent work that is an optimal choice for both North Korea and Japan watchers

The Japan Times

From The Japan Times
Through in-depth interviews, Boynton shows the harrowing experience of the abductees and the heartbreak of families who, in many cases, still do not know what happened to their loved ones… Boynton expertly balances each personal story with a wider analysis of contextual history, and this is where the book’s real value lies — by looking beyond the filter of recent history… A timely and important book.